Once again a fresh start for Chapter 99 with New First Officer Brandon Beaver

If you are a old member, or a new member, you can check your membership status by emailing the First Officer, Brandon Beaver, at the address listed below.

If your not a member you can join by clicking on the Membership
link on the left. Of course, you don't have to be a member at
all to ride with us, just come on out, and ride along.

Welcome to all riders, and all bike brands.
We just want to ride for the thrill of riding. Most of our trips will be local and not 500 miles from here. So whether you ride a Harley, Honda, Kawasaki or any other Street Legal motorcycle, you will always be welcome at the Southern Cruisers Riding Club. The cost for membership is FREE. Our Club Patch is optional and is available for purchase in the club store. The SCRC is involved with charity fund raising rides, local and long distance rides, overnighters and club dinner rides, and of course the unknown rides which may lead us anywhere. We also promote Motorcycle and Public Safety rules, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we be involved in any illegal activities.


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Email First Officer: Brandon Beaver

Email Second Officer: Tom Salter

Email State Officer: Bob Nouwen

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